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Automobile Engineering

Field of passionate Engineers only. No matter what is your branch or what is your year. If you have a passion for Automobile or Cars , this is the place where you are Destined.

Vehicle Dynamics

Get a Head Start, as you begin to Design your Cars for BAJA, SUPRA, F-SAE. This course takes the Engineer through the mechanics of each of the Major Systems on Vehice responsible for Dynamic Performance.

I.C. Engine Design

This the field where all your theoritical knowledge and calculations of all Mechanical subject to going to be implemented and you get a Practical Experience of what you have studied during your


Have a Passion for Fighter Planes? Want to know how a simple air-foil can generate huge lift? Want to know how Diffuser and Spoiler works in a Formula-1 Racing Car....? "AeroDynamics is the Answer to all..."

Our Academic Clients

Welcome to Our Company!

Overview: -

Elite-techno Groups has been conducting workshop, trainings & internships on 8 different modules related to mechanical, automobile &; aeronautical engineering throughout the country. We started this program to spread knowledge and awareness among students as well as college officials that what actually is the industries requirement and decreasing the gap between students and industries and make the students industry-ready when he/she graduate.

To give students a head start as they begin to design their cars for BAJA-SAE / SUPRA-SAE / F-SAE events....

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